#21 – Lions Academy
It's 3:15 p.m. School may have ended a half hour ago, but peek into some of our Elementary School classrooms and you'll see teachers huddling with students, working through math problems, helping out with essays, or reviewing science notes. Look out on the field, and you’ll see students running through soccer drills with high school volunteers or learning about health & nutrition from one of our coaches.

This is Lions Academy, an innovative after school program which offers both academic enrichment/remediation and athletic training/skill development for two hours four days a week. Students can attend one track or a combination of both, and programs can even be individualized at the request of parents. In all cases, students are challenged and given an opportunity to grow as learners and athletes, to get additional tutoring, and to remain physically active, all of which equips them to be healthy and successful in school and in life. Click here for more information about Lions Academy.

A Few More Reasons