#46 – Worship in Joy
If you ever want to experience true joy in worship, head over to the patio for one of Linfield's Elementary School chapels. In this weekly service, held outside before the academic day begins, students gather together to pray, dance, and sing to the Lord at the top of their lungs. Led by their peers in the worship band, the kids typically sing a handful of songs before settling down to hear a focused message about God's love and how they fit into His plan. Speakers often include teachers, staff members, parents, and even Middle/High School students who come down to present their testimonies or dramatic/musical performances. Finally, before dismissing everyone to their classrooms, Mrs. Molstre distributes the Chapel Champ awards to students nominated by their teachers for excellent behavior. It's a joyful, impactful time, one that centers our school in the midst of the craziness and reminds us of who we are as God's children.

A Few More Reasons