#61 – That Junior K Life
Learning is fun. That's the message we want to send to our youngest students, cultivating a positive attitude and building an educational foundation that will remain with them for a lifetime. Our Junior Kindergarten program seeks to provide children with an opportunity to explore and grow developmentally through hands-on experiences. They may not be quite ready for kindergarten, but these students can still step into the waters of academic learning through an introduction to the basics of problem solving, phonetic awareness, and number sense. Teachers also emphasize language, listening, and communication skills, all the while maintaining a nurturing environment that is completely attuned to the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each individual student. As they sing songs, play house, finger paint, and learn their letters and numbers, these Junior Kindergarteners know that they are loved, and they feel safe to explore and develop their unique gifts and abilities.

A Few More Reasons