#66 – Express Yourself
Few people can resist the pull of a blank canvas. Whether we are artistically gifted or not, there is something inside us, something intrinsically human, that longs to doodle, draw, paint, sculpt, photograph, and design. This creativity is a gift, a reflection of the creative God who made us, and with that knowledge, we seek to foster an environment of artistic possibility, one that inspires students and gives them an outlet for self-expression. To that end, our Beginning, Advanced, and AP Art classes introduce the elements of art and the principles of design; students then have the freedom and opportunity to use a wide variety of media, tools, and artistic styles to create their own original works, developing extensive portfolios throughout the year. As our artists grow and pursue their passions, we celebrate their creativity, even proudly displaying their masterpieces in the high school hallways!

A Few More Reasons