#70 – Enrichment
Not all learning happens in a classroom between 7:55 a.m. and 2:40 p.m. That's why we offer a variety of optional after-school enrichment courses which allow kids to explore topics they're interested in, to get more involved, and to spend time building community with their peers. While many of these enrichments rotate throughout the school year, they typically are led by outside instructors who have hands-on experience with the subject matter, and they usually meet once a week. For example, students can practice and receive instruction with the Linfield Band; they can learn how to play golf or how to paint a watercolor portrait; last year, a group of students even engineered robots with Legos as part of the Bricks for Kids class! No matter the topic, each of these enrichments are specially designed to provide innovative learning experiences for our students, fostering their creativity and unique passions.

A Few More Reasons