#79 – Real Faith
Learning how to live as a follower of Jesus Christ is a lifestyle; that's one of the messages we seek to send to our young students just starting their journey of faith. So while each class uses a daily academic curriculum that involves Biblical workbooks and the memorization of Scripture, we don't want to limit the study of Bible to just that one hour a day. Instead, we integrate Biblical truth into everything we study; students might look at the purposeful design behind mathematics, read a psalm as part of a poetry unity, or examine scientific theories according to the truth in God's Word. They pray together with their teachers and classmates frequently, and they are taught various character qualities such as kindness, patience, gratefulness, joy, and self-control. In short, our students are encouraged to apply Biblical knowledge and to develop a real and authentic faith, one that will inform their choices and guide their life's journey in the years to come.

A Few More Reasons