#86 – Passing the Torch
We believe in traditions. That's why we stage a very special chapel at the end of each school year to honor the senior class, allowing them to quite literally pass the torch to the underclassmen. Yes, this chapel involves a few hundred high school students...and fire. A risky move? Perhaps. But it's also a deeply meaningful moment of transition in the life of our school.

After worshipping together one last time, members of the graduating class impart words of wisdom to their fellow Lions; the seniors then take their lighted candles and transfer the flames to the juniors' candles before heading outside to the football field for one last huddle with Mrs. Wilson. They started their high school journey by walking onto the field's lion four years ago; now they step off together, ready to move on to the next phase of their journey but forever a part of a unique Linfield legacy.

A Few More Reasons