#88 – Taking the Lead
Take a stroll around Linfield's picturesque campus on a Chapel Day and you'll bear witness to the beautiful sight of students of all ages coming together to worship their Savior. As one would likely expect, students at the Middle School & High School are led in this collective worship by their peers, but you might be surprised to know that Elementary School kids have the opportunity to lead worship and serve their school family as well!

The dedicated members of the Elementary Worship Band and Tech Team volunteer their talents and extra time, practicing and preparing songs each and every week, and when the school gathers on the chapel patio, they take the stage to jump around, perform hand motions, and sing out joyfully. Exuberant, prayerful, and servant-hearted, these students lead by example and make it fun to give wholehearted praise to the King.

A Few More Reasons