Red, blue, orange, and green. These colors are everywhere, painted on faces, draped across flags, splattered on T-shirts. The air is filled with the sounds of horns and cheers as hundreds of high school students whip themselves into a frenzied excitement. No, this is no ordinary race at Linfield. It's not even a "good race." It's THE GREAT RACE.

One of Linfield's most treasured traditions, The Great Race is a spirited class competition during Homecoming week that requires students to band together to complete a variety of physical and mental challenges. Dressed head to toe in their class colors, they compete in games of Blind Volleyball, Dodgeball, Academic Bowl, Can-Can, and Tug-of-War before participating in a sprawling race across the high school campus. At the end of the day, only one class can achieve Linfield immortality and be crowned victoriously, but ultimately we're all Lions anyway. The Great Race's true legacy lies in the way it draws us all together; you've never seen school spirit quite like this.

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