#99 – An Extra Edge
In the increasingly competitive world of college admissions, students are always looking for that something special to set them apart from other applicants. For many of our students, this extra edge comes in the form of a diploma from the prestigious Linfield Christian Fine Arts Academy.

The Fine Arts Academy is a school within a school, offering a graduation track that emphasizes artistic development in addition to meeting the already exceptional college preparatory requirements. Students in this program complete four years worth of arts courses, three more than what is required for traditional students, and they are afforded many special growth opportunities along the way through participation in seminars, clinics, performances, and festivals. Not only does the Fine Arts Academy diploma award our students' dedication and passion for the arts, it speaks to their well-rounded education and adds a level of distinction to their college portfolios, whether or not they plan to pursue art, music, theater, or film in the future.

A Few More Reasons