#25 – California Dreamin’
It's one thing to read about the California Gold Rush in a textbook, but when students can actually tour Sutter's Mill and pan for gold themselves, history comes alive in a tangible and exciting way. So we love that each May our fourth grade students and their parents have the opportunity to embark on an exciting two day/one night "super" field trip to Sacramento. Once there, they visit the State Capitol, Old Town Sacramento, the Vietnam memorial, a railroad museum, Sutter's Fort & Sutter's Mill, John Marshall Discovery Park, and Leland Stanford's mansion, all places the students have studied throughout the school year as part of the California history curriculum. As they see famous sights with their own eyes and participate in a variety of hands-on experiences, the kids learn to take pride in who they are as Californians, and they develop an appreciation for how the lessons of history can inform their future choices.

A Few More Reasons