With each passing day the world seems to get a little smaller. News travels thousands of miles in seconds via social media, and it only takes the click of a button to speak face to face with someone in London, Tokyo, or Johannesburg. We truly live in a global community, and Linfield is no exception, as the school is enriched each year by the addition of students from around the world. Domestic students currently sit side by side with students from Korea, Norway, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, France, and other countries.   As they wrestle with difficult homework problems, perform in the band, worship, and play sports together, our students share the ups and downs of high school life and challenge each other in the pursuit of excellence. In the process, not only do they become more culturally aware and develop social skills which will benefit them in the future, they also build lifelong friendships that span the globe.

A Few More Reasons